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Backed by more than 20 years of experience, the focus of M.I.H. Entertainment is to expose the world one person at a time to the musical talent coming out of the Central Pennsylvania area, primarily Harrisburg and State College. The four pillars of our record label are to identify, record, package, and distribute uniquely produced hip-hop music and music memorabilia. We are currently promoting albums by Wata, a serious artist positioned to ride the wave of success. We also sell iconic t-shirts from your favorite classic music artists and celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Wu-Tang. 

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Emerging from the dust in the era of the boom bap during the late '90s, M.I.H. Entertainment is an independent record label marketing quality hip-hop music. In business since 1988, we continue to provide a strong catalog of new albums and songs for our fans. Following a tradition of excellence, nothing is more important than serving our listeners throughout the Mid-Atlantic and DMV region including Harrisburg and State College, Pennsylvania.

People like listening to our music, because it's genuinely good. Purchase the latest album from our featured hip-hop artist Wata; grab one of our quality, affordable iconic t-shirts; read more about our artists; and stay up to date on hip-hop entertainment on our site. Come back again for new music and more!

Stay Tuned: Wata's New EP 21 Was Just Released!

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