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Gifted Hip-Hop Artist Continuing to Grind Toward Success

M.I.H. Entertainment of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was drawn to the undeniable talent of hip-hop artist Wata. His music is taking the world by storm! After releasing two mixtapes called "R U Thirsty" and "Ocean Flowan," he took his career to the next level with the album Poor Kid, Rich Attitude. It's based on his childhood experiences and contains the critically acclaimed song "Punishment." 
Wata's second album, Da Ambush, features various artists. His latest recording is an EP titled 21.

Music Prices:

Album - $10.00
EP - $5.00
Individual Songs - $0.99

Song Samples:

"Stay Fly" Featuring StinkLau & Dre" | "Good Girl" | "Ear Music"

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Poor kid, Rich Attitude

Wata – Ear Music Wata – Stay Fly feat Stank Lau and Dre Wata – Good Girl Wata – Mind on A Milli
Wata – Sumthin Bout U Wata – Full Speed feat Jaymes Wata – Good State of Mind Wata – Biggest Fan
Wata – My Life Wata – Trouble Kid Wata – Earn My Wings Wata – Punishment feat Mr. Blackston

Solidified Relations

Strategy – Various Artist Temptations – Penhead Shut Up Girl – Sean Broxx Between Heaven and Hell – Dayne Jaxs, Vic Creed, Penhead
Holiday – AlterEgo Bye Gones – Mr. Blackston Streetologist – Dayne Jaxs That One – Ray Chi
Rainy Days – Vic Creed Come One, Come All – Alter Ego, Mr. Blackston, Dayne Jaxs, Penhead, Sean Broxx, Vic Creed Trapped – Sean Broxx Goin’ Off – Alter Ego
Dirt I Did – Mr. Blackston Want Some – Sean Broxx Slave to the Game – Vic Creed Don’t Ova Look Us – Penhead
Solidified Relations – Penhead

Da Ambush

D.R.C. – Jon Hart

Pressure – Smurf

Final Exit – Mr. Blackston True and Living Proof – Seldom Seen and Hazidus the Fly Apostle

Local Legends – Seldom Seen

Modern Day Niggaz – Sean Broxx

It’s On – Alter Ego
Touch Me to Feel Me – Dayne Jaxs
Poverty’s Paradise – Hazidus the Fly Apostle

Who Wants to be a Terrorist – Penhead

Da Ambush – Seldom Seen, Mr. Blackston, Sean Broxx, Hazidus da Fly Apostle, Smurf

Life, Music and Paper

Life, Music and Paper - Penhead Life, Music and Paper cont. - Penhead Gladiator – Mr. Blackston U – AlterEgo feat LA
Monsters – Vic Creed Secrets – Sean Broxx Choices – Penhead, Dayne Jaxs, Vic Creed A Whole Nutha World – Seldom Seen
Trust – Mr. Blackston Situations – Alter Ego Thuggish Program – Dayne Jaxs Chapters – Vic Creed
Addicted to the Game – Sean Broxx