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Hip-Hop Artist Wata Nee Jamil Scott

Wata's Bio

Good things come to those who grind. Just ask hip-hop artist Wata nee Jamil Scott. He began his music journey at the age of seven and has not lost any passion for the craft. Humility guides his steps, while the mantra "quality over quantity" guides his creative process.

Multitalented & Driven

As a self-professed lexiconnoisseur, someone that makes up words, Wata is no stranger to commanding the public's attention through his unique voice, distinctive flow, and varied subject matter. When he's not focusing on his music, Wata is a comedian and actor who enjoys making people laugh. Whether it's penning rhymes, playing the clarinet or saxophone, studying to become an electrician, or firing up his favorite dish; Wata is truly hands-on and a man of many talents.

Musical Inspirations

While a long way from his days as a boy wonder, Wata does not shy away from acknowledging his early influences, such as Nas, Tupac, and Drake. Some of his favorite hip-hop classics include "Love's Gonna Get'cha" by KRS-One, "It Was a Good Day" by Ice Cube, and "Set It Off" by Big Daddy Kane. His ideal collaborations include tracks with August Alsina, Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, and Drake.

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